Information gathered from customers for the purpose of developing artwork or signage work will not be shared with any other party.  Your privacy and business information will be kept confidential from all other parties, unless specific approval from the customer is provided.


Confirmation of a signage order (and/or payment of a deposit) is binding, and cannot be canceled without mutual agreement.

We will endeavour to accommodate changes to your confirmed sign order, if possible, however additional charges may be incurred over and above the quoted price.


Following completion of signage work, an invoice for payment will be issued.  The terms of payment are 7 days.  Please advise at the outset if these terms are not able to be achieved.

All artwork and signage works produced by us will remain the property of Scotty’s Signs until full payment has been received.

Should payment not be forthcoming within the prescribed timeframe without contact re: late payment, we may need to recover signage and additional costs within a legal arrangement.